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Komine Protect Mesh Under Pants Long(SK-612)

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A professional model with a hard plastic guard on the caudal femur and a CE standard protector on the knee. Strongly protect the lower body. Because it uses a highly stretchable material, it does not interfere with athletic performance, and the material is so thin that it does not matter if worn under pants. Since the bottom is a loop type that hooks on the sole, the gap after wearing is also reduced. New 2 XL size added.




lycra · polyester · synthetic plastics


coccyx thighs knees

Protector on hips and knees as standard equipment / Protectors: side waists, knees included

Lycra / LYCRA
A material with excellent stretchability.Used mainly for the joints of gloves.Spandex or elastane is a synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity (stretchability) .It is stronger and more durable than rubber.

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