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ViaTerra P300 Rain Jacket

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The P300 rain jacket is the ultimate solution for motorcycle riders looking to stay dry and comfortable on the road during the monsoons. Engineered with top-of-the-line features, the P300 rain jacket is the ultimate choice for riders who refuse to let the weather dampen their spirits. Constructed from laminated waterproof fabric rated for 10000 mm water column pressure, this jacket is 100% seam sealed on all joints to prevent water ingress. The breathable design ensures you stay comfortable while riding, even in the heaviest of rain. The pre-curved arms of the P300 rain jacket are thoughtfully designed to provide a snug and comfortable fit over your motorcycle jacket, ensuring that your movements aren't restricted while you're on the road. The wider hood provides better coverage, and exhaust vents at the back prevent perspiration.

Whether you're commuting to work or hitting the open road, the P300 rain jacket will keep you dry and comfortable in all kinds of rainy weather.

What's included with the product?

P300 Rain Jacket - 1 Piece

Pre-Curved Arms for a More Comfortable Ride

The P300 rain jacket features pre-curved arms that are specifically designed to provide a snug and comfortable fit over your motorcycle jacket, while also taking into account the natural riding posture of a motorcycle rider. This ensures that the jacket fits closely to the body, reducing any excess material that might flutter in the wind, providing maximum comfort and a streamlined fit over your motorcycle jacket, without restricting your movements while on the road.

Wider Cuff Opening with Velcro Adjustment

The P300 rain jacket features a wider opening at the wrist to accommodate the wearing of riding gloves, making it easy to put on and take off the jacket without removing your gloves. Additionally, the jacket has Velcro adjustment tabs at the wrists, allowing for an adjustable and secure fit, regardless of whether you are wearing short or full-gauntlet gloves.

Detachable Hood

The P300 rain jacket comes equipped with a detachable hood that you can easily remove and wear, while providing enhanced coverage over the head, keeping you dry and protected in inclement weather. The hood features dual EBC cinch, which allows you to adjust the hood for a snug and secure fit, ensuring that the hood stays in place even in windy conditions.

Slider Garage for Enhanced Comfort

The P300 rain jacket is designed with a slider garage, a small pocket-like feature that keeps the zipper slider securely in place, preventing it from sliding down and coming in contact with your skin - specifically your neck, which can cause discomfort or irritation due to rubbing.

Exhaust Vents to Aid breathability

Front zippered air vents: The front zippered air vents are located on the chest or torso area of the jacket. It allows the wearer to control the amount of airflow entering the jacket. When opened, these vents enable fresh air to enter the jacket, promoting ventilation and preventing the build-up of heat and moisture inside. This is particularly useful in warmer or humid conditions when the body needs extra airflow to stay cool and comfortable. Back air vent: The back air vent is typically situated on the upper back or shoulder area of the rain jacket. It serves as an exhaust vent, allowing warm air and moisture to escape from the jacket. As the body generates heat and perspiration, the back vent facilitates the efficient release of that heat and moisture, preventing the jacket from becoming damp and clammy. By having front zippered air vents and a back air vent, rain jackets provide a balanced ventilation system. The front vents allow the wearer to regulate the airflow according to their comfort level, while the back vent ensures the efficient expulsion of warm air and moisture.

Shorter Front Length

A shorter front length allows for the water to flow without accumulating on the jacket which eventually seeps into the jacket, making it difficult to stay bone dry while on or off the motorcycle. It also allows engaging in activities that require bending, crouching, or reaching forward. The shorter front design prevents the jacket from bunching up or restricting movement around the hips and thighs, allowing for a more comfortable range of motion.

Inner Lining

The inner lining creates a barrier between the wearer's body and the outer waterproof layer of the jacket. This can make it easier to layer clothing underneath the rain jacket, as the inner shell helps to reduce friction and prevents the inner layers from sticking to the waterproof material.


Reflectives on the front, shoulders and back for added visibility in low light conditions

Designed to wear over riding jacket

The P300 rain jacket is expertly designed to be worn over your motorcycle riding jacket with ease, providing ample room to quickly put on or take off the rain jacket as needed. Constructed from premium laminated waterproof fabric rated for 5000 mm water column pressure, this jacket offers superior protection from the elements without sacrificing breathability, ensuring you stay comfortable while riding in the monsoons.

YKK Aquaguard zipper

The P300 rain jacket features a water-resistant YKK Aquaguard zipper chain with a long rope puller for easy use even when wearing riding gloves, ensuring that you can easily and quickly zip up or down the jacket while on the road.

Zipper over flap to prevent water ingress

The jacket has an integrated rain gutter with the zip to channel water away from the zipper and keeping it out of the jacket. This feature is designed to keep the rider dry, by preventing water from seeping in through the zipper, which is a common point of ingress for water in rainwear.




  • PU laminated breathable polyester fabric rated for 10000 mm water column pressure
  • YKKTM Aquaguard zipper
  • Weight ~250 gms

How to keep your rainwear clean?

  • For dirt and stains, wipe clean with a damp cloth and lukewarm water (DO NOT USE HOT WATER)
  • DO NOT allow your rainwear to come in contact with solvents (do not use fabric softener!), fuel, or cleaning agents.
  • DO NOT use any kind of CHEMICAL or ALCOHOL-BASED product.
  • Do not place your rainwear near, or come in contact with a direct heat source
  • Dry the rainwear on a hanger away from direct sunlight where there is good ventilation.
  • Zippers need to be cleaned and lubricated regularly - you can use Vaseline or candle wax

How to store your rainwear?

  • Make sure your rainwear is completely dry before you store it.
  • Do not store wet or in a non-ventilated area as it allows mildew to grow on the fabric causing discoloration and damage.
  • Avoid folding or creasing the fabric when storing the rain wear, as this can cause permanent creases and weaken the coating. Instead, hang the rain wear on a hanger or fold it neatly and lay it flat.
  • Regularly check the rain wear for any signs of mildew or mold, and clean it immediately if necessary.

ViaTerra provides a 6 months warranty against defects in materials or craftsmanship if purchased directly from us or from an authorized dealer. Please click on Warranty policy and choose the relevant category for further details.

Lifetime repair support

Fabrics fade, zippers get stuck, plastic fittings break – a few things that could happen with usage. We believe in extending the life of our products so that we use lesser natural resources and you get more bang for your buck. Please write to us on if you require any help with repairs or have any questions! 



  • If you intend to wear the rainwear for regular non-riding use (over everyday clothes), please measure your body & compare the same with our sizing chart.
  • If you intend to wear the rainwear over your riding gear, we recommend measuring yourself with the riding gear on & compare the measurements with our sizing chart.

Please ensure there is an additional ease of at least 6-10 cm, i.e. the rainwear allows you adequate space & is not fitting tight. You can check this by wearing the rainwear and stretching your arms out in the riding position to confirm there is no noticeable pulling at the shoulders and the torso area. Please check the ease against your intended use case i.e. over regular clothes or over a riding jacket as tight fitting rainwear could lead to faster wear and tear.