Ariete Lens - Yellow + Clip (12961-PCG)

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Available codes:12961-PCSP  -  CAT.2, CE,  with tearoff pins12961-SCSC   -  CAT.2, CE,  without tearoff pins12961-SCST    -  CAT.3, no CE,  without tearoff pins "Silver Chrome" LensSilver mirror, Visual clarity in strong light conditions. Gives noticeable reduction in light intensity. When the Ariete Research Department creeted the lenses included in the catalogue, their main concerns were security and perfect visibility. Main features for OFF-ROAD single lenses:--lenses in Lexan®--internal coating of Anti-fog material--external coating of Anti-scratches material--UV-A, UV-B, UV-C 100% Radiation protection--certified according to European standard OSFA = 1 LENS FITS ALL THE ARIETE OFF-ROAD GOGGLES!!!!!! Lexan® is a registered trade mark of SABIC.