Armpro Compression Sleeves - Solid Black (2113)

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Basic Black sleeves for those who don't want to draw attention but want the benefits of UV Protection and temperature regulation when riding. Get the idea out of your head that black fabric is HOT and shouldn't be worn if you are trying to keep cool. Science has come a long way these days, creating fabrics that keep you cool when it gets too hot and warm when thingz cool down. This fabric is all of that... and you deserve the best.


ALL OF OUR ARMPRO COMPRESSION SLEEVES HAVE AN SPF 50 RATING!!! They are made from a high quality 4-way stretch Lycra, offering superior moisture wicking that provides a cooling effect while riding. To increase the cooling effect on really hot days, just wet them down with water. Protect your arms and your ink from the harmful effects of the sun and stay cool with these muscle compression sleeves featuring stunning tattoo designs as well as an array of solid colors.


  • Made from high tech moisture wicking Lycra that acts as cooling system when riding
  • 4-way stretch fabric provides compression to help prevent muscle fatigue
  • Can be worn wet to enhance cooling effect
  • Non-slip silicone gripper at bicep
  • 30 unique stunning designs to choose from
  • Sold in Pairs