Battery Tender Waterproof 800 Lithium Battery Charger (022-0203-DL-UK)

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  • Deltran Battery Tender WATERPROOF 800 mA Battery Charger
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  • Features & details
  • 800Ma compact battery charger. Highly-efficient surface-mount technology. Includes Alligator Clips and Ring Terminals.
  • Properly charge and maintain car batteries and motorcycle batteries quickly and efficiently.
  • Solid new addition to the Battery Tender family of charger products. This compact 800 mA battery charger has all the charge characteristics of its cousin the Battery Tender Junior.
  • The interior is completely encapsulated, protected from shock, vibration, and moisture by an electrically insulating, thermally conductive, flame retardant, UL recognized, synthetic epoxy resin compound.
  • Tough, affordable, and a strong, innovative battery charging solution.
  • Product information Waterproof 12v, 800mA
  • Brand Battery Tender
  • Model 022-0150-DL-UK
  • Package Dimensions 28.4 x 19.8 x 9.9 cm
  • Battery Tender chargers are Ultra Safe and loaded with features that will let you connect it and forget it.
  • Spark-proof
  • Safety Timer
  • Reverse Hook-Up Protection
  • Keep your battery completely charged indefinitely
  • Prevents Overcharging, Short-Circuits, and Overheating

Battery Tender is the premium brand for battery charging available worldwide. Battery Tender’s unique BTP Microprocessor Technology and quick-connect convenience automatically maintains the batteries in all your vehicles. Whether you are a weekend warrior or pro racer, DelTran will ensure your battery is ready to go when you are. Worry- and hassle-free - you just set it and forget it - and designed to be connected to your battery for hours, days, weeks or months. Battery Tender assures the highest quality, fast-charging convenience and performance. That’s why we are the top choice for consumers.


DelTran’s ISM (Infinite Sequential Monitoring) is the latest advancement in battery charging technology. ISM allows Battery Tender chargers to send the optimal amount of electricity to the battery at every given moment.
Constant monitoring of the battery’s needs allow for safe charging that has been shown to increase a battery’s life expectancy. Complete awareness of the battery’s needs gives a Battery Tender charger the ability to seamlessly transition between the 4 modes that all batteries must go through to reach a full charge. The 4 modes are called Qualification, Bulk, Absorption, and Float.
ISM technology assures the highest quality and safest charge for your battery.

Fully Automatic

Connect it and forget it. We first coined that term because our chargers are and have always been self-reliant. Once connected, a Battery Tender will charge your battery and then maintain it until you’re ready to use it without supervision. It just works.
In-House Engineering Team
We invented the first smart battery charger and our in-house team of engineers has continued to update and refine our product technology since. We do not outsource our research and development.

Powered By Smart Hardware:

We used a dedicated microcontroller to scan a battery’s status 100 times per second and adapts to a battery’s needs thanks to ISM technology.

Perfect Charging Every Time
ISM stands of (Infinite Sequential Monitoring, and as the name implies, it has an unlimited number of charging steps. ISM constantly monitors and adapts the flow of electricity to the battery. It’s in perfect sync with a battery’s needs while charging and afterwards in maintenance mode.

Each and every DelTran Battery Tender sold is designed and developed in the USA. Proprietary design, software development, testing, and selection of the highest quality of components are what separate us from our competitors. DelTran engineers are constantly working with the leading battery manufacturers to adapt to the changes in technology as proper and safe charging is our number one priority. DelTran continually strives to improve every element of our product, pricing, marketing, advertising, and distribution. As the world advances, we remain state-of-the art with innovative designs, technologies and ideas.

DelTran’s Battery Tender is the most sold battery charger and maintenance device in the United States. The best brands in the automotive industry and even the US Army have put their trust in us and we have established co-branding partnerships with premium brands, such as Harley-Davidson, BMW, Corvette National Museum, AAA, Mini Cooper, Lexus and Lotus. DelTran Battery Tender has also been involved in motorsports partnerships. Motorcycle and automotive racing has not only become a branding/advertising platform, but also a test facility.

Last, but not least, we at DelTran consider the environment important and strive for sustainable technology and energy. We launched a Solar line of battery chargers, converting natural sunlight to DC, all with Battery Tender’s Microprocessor technology.