Elbow Guard 3.0 (501600050)

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Hard Shell Elbow Guards with Soft AirFit Impact Foam and X-Straps

The 3.0 Elbow Guard features both hard and soft shell elbow protection. It promises a secure fit with easy-fitting X-straps as well as co-molded soft rubber edges to keep it in place. The knee guards sport a 3D design with specific left and right shapes. It is further equipped with vented plates to keep riders cool.

CE tested and certified as impact protection, our 3.0 Elbow Guards score a total of 14 points in the Leatt protection rating system. 


  • Hard shell and 3DF AirFit ventilated soft impact foam
  • CE tested and certified as impact protection:
    • Elbow EN1621-1
  • Total Leatt® protection score of 14 points
  • Easy fitting with X-straps
  • Co-molded soft rubber edges for extra comfort
  • 3D design for optimal fit with specific left and right sides
  • Vented plates for maximum airflow
  • Weight: 300g – 0.7 lbs (pair)


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