Exo-500-1000 Shield Green Mirror Maxvision Kdf-11m (52-520-54)

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  • The screen is predisposed to add the pinlock lens!
  • Pinlock adaptable available as an option in different colors


  • No condensation problems when heat shock is too high.
  • Mounts on EXO 1000 AIR first generation, EXO 500
  • Perfectly integrated into the screen, Pinlock® plating creates a permanent air pressure and prevents condensation from forming even when the temperature difference between the outside and inside the helmet increases.
  • Although the Pinlock® lens fits snugly inside your Scorpion's screen, two small transparent side eccentrics add a long lasting hold.
  • Designed to measure the total surface of the screen common to both Scorpion and the Scorpion Exo-1000 Air first generation, Pinlock MaxVision® does not create any visual gene. The guarantee of clear vision, even in extreme conditions ...
  • NUANCE:Blue, Gold
  • GENRE:External display
  • TREATMENT:Anti-scratch, None