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Hearos Softstar Eztwist Corded Ear Plugs (HearosSoftstarCord)

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What makes the HEAROS EZ-Twist Series of hybrid ear pods an exciting quantum leap forward for your hearing protection and noise reduction needs.
We refer to this earplug as a hybrid ear pod because it combines the protection of a soft, comfortable, foam earplug with the convenience, hygiene and ease of use of a reusable earplug stem.
The product has a high noise reduction rating of 30 decibels, so you're getting about the same level of protection of regular foam earplugs, with the added benefit of the stem for precise fit every time. Plus, the highest level of hygiene because your hands never touch the foam pods.
Innovative hybrid design offers the control of a reusable ear plug stem with the comfort and protection of polyurethane foam ear plugs
Users are now finally able to achieve outstanding fit and protection
Certified Noise Reduction Rating 30 dB