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HyperRider Top Rack + Saddle Stay Hero XPulse 200 (ACC594)

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NOTE: Compatible to BS4 & BS6 

HERO XPULSE 200 Top Rack & Saddle Stay

HyperRider has designed a complete round pipe set-up to maintain the retro look and make the top rack - saddle stay look like a stock set-up.


Top Rack
- Made MS using oval pipe set-up to maintain the retro look.

- Can carry up to 15kgs and fit any kind of top box.

- An additional Backrest can be fitted

Saddle Stay
- The unique feature of this saddle stay is a specifically designed tilt angle and centre flat pipe bar so the high exhaust from the XPLUSE doesn't burn the saddle bags. 


- Top rack & saddle stay together weigh 2.5kgs.

- Made of mild steel

- HyperRider uses stainless steel bolts (100% rust proof)