Komine Airstream M-JKT(JK-133)

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Textile × mesh jacket that gives a sense of fun in a monotonous and calm atmosphere, such as casual graphic prints with the same color as fine-grained mesh fabrics. Optional chest lining as standard equipment for chest protectors, with ample performance. 

● 4XL, 5XLB: Black only ● 4XL, 5 XLB: Black color only 
● The price of 5XLB is ¥ 19,900 (excluding tax).

Durable mesh textile hybrid jacket excellent provides air flow by applying mesh construction around the neck, front and back 
・ Removable inner shoulders, elbows, chest protectors with EVA back padding come standard 
• 3D mesh back lining for comfortable summer riding: bouncy resilient 3D mesh creates vacancy between the torso and back protector and it allows the air to flow through the vacancy


polyester polyester


shoulder · elbow · back · chest (neck · side: option)


・ Textile and mesh combination jacket 
Graphic print on chest 
・ 3D pattern 
・ 3D mesh panel on lining side 
・ CE approved hard protectors on shoulder and elbow 
・ EVA padding on back 
・ Hard type chest protector 
Reflective panels for night safety on upper arm and back 
・ Volume adjusters on bottom 
・ Pants connection zipper 
Optional neck brace attachable 
・ Optional full chest protector attachable 
Optional hard back protector attachable 
Optional side rib protector attachable 
・ Optional lining jackets attachable 
・ Anti copy 4D label

Protector on shoulder, elbow and spine
as standard. / Protectors: shoulders,
elbows, back included
Mesh / Mesh material
Use breathable mesh material
Mesh material used.Mesh material

Reflector equipment to enhance night
visibility. Reflective panel for night

3D cutting / 3D Pattern
Draping to enhance mobility .3D pattern
sticks out from material

3D mesh pad / 3D mesh padding

Pad / Protector
Built-in chest protection pad. Chest

Breast protector optional wearable / optional chest protector
Optional one-piece chest protector can be attached

Type B connection zipper
Connectable with jackets or pants equipped with type B connection zipper (select same size jacket and pants to connect)
Type B connection zipper to joint the jackets and pants
Optional inner / Optional Liner
Optional inner wear is possible
Optional removable liner available
Komine CE Elbow / Knee / KOMINE CE
Elbow / Knee

4D Copy Protection Label / 4D Copy

3D mesh / 3D mesh

Available season / available season

Optional lining can be attached / OPTIONAL LINING

 M · L · XL 

Black · Black / Light Gray · Black / Blue Camo