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Komine Neck Brace Street (SK-647)

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New shape neck protector that can be optionally attached to KOMINE compatible wear Neck protector that can be attached to compatible jacket A neck protector that can be worn alone with a simple shape that has a good feeling of attachment and does not impair backward visibility. Have appropriate elasticity and helmet Prevents excessive movement of the head during wearing accidents and reduces the risk of cervical spine injury etc.

-Ultimate neck protection-Designed to reduce the occurrence of hyperflexion injuries (cervical spine)-Absorbing direct impact-from cervical spine-Designed to suit for motocross riding and street riding--Comfortable synthe- tivity , washable liner, Reflective panel on the back for night safety, Can be attached S-45, JK-015, JK-016, JK-017, JK-018, JK-021, JK-668




Synthetic rubber and polyethylene


※ The photograph may be slightly different from the actual product for trial production sample ※ Please use after confirming the rear view before driving after wearing 

※ Price revision from March 1, 2018

Reflector equipment to enhance night visibility. Reflective panel for night safety.

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