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Komine Neck Brace Superb(SK-646)

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A new shape neck protector that is easy to wear for riders on public roads A simple shape neck protector that has a simple fit that does not impair backward visibility and that can be worn alone. It has appropriate elasticity and the head when wearing a helmet Reduces the risk of cervical spine injuries and clavicle fractures by suppressing excessive movement of the head

-Ultimate neck protection-Designed to reduce the occurrence of hyperflexion injuries (cervical spine)-Absorbing direct impact from cervical spine-Designed to suit riding to street riding-Low profile design-Comfortable synthe- tivity side entry ・ Removable, washable liner




Synthetic rubber and polyethylene


※ The photograph may be slightly different from the actual product for trial production sample ※ Please use after confirming the rear view before driving after wearing 

Air ventilation function / Air ventilation

Komine Armor technology / KOMINE ARMORS technology