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Komine Protect Half Mesh Jacket (JK-146)

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A half mesh jacket with a textile base from the shoulders to the arms and a mesh base on the front and rear body.
Despite full protection with protectors on shoulders, elbows, back and chest as standard, it is lightweight and has excellent satisfaction with high cost performance.


Highly recommended for entry level riders & commuting riders


Price point textile and mesh combination jacket 

・ 3D ergonomic fit for comfort ride

・ CE approved hard protectors on shoulder (SK636) and elbow (SK635)

・ EVA padding on back

・ Hard type chest protector (Men's: SK689 / Womens': SK682)

・ Reflective panels for night safety on chest, upper arms and back

・ Volume adjusters on upper arms and waist

Womens' sizes available

Black / Light  Grey  


Shoulder · Elbow · Back · Chest