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Leatt Boot 3.5 Black (302206016)

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The 3.5 Boots from Leatt were designed to be their best possible combination of comfort, value and protection.


  • Great comfort and fit even for wide feet
  • SlideLock closure system, auto-locking one way sliding closure for great seal at top of boot
  • Polymer buckles with over-lock system / stainless steel base
  • Flat inner side profile with protective and grippy TPU panel for extra bike grip
  • Easy gear shifting toe box profile
  • Soft padding wraps up the ankles to give comfort and protection
  • Impact reinforced shin protection with plate / inside protection
  • Supported and impact protected heel
  • DualZone hardened sole
  • Extended foot peg riding zone for riding in your foot's arch or using an on the toes riding style
  • Steel shank reinforced
  • Full Polyester inside lining for more comfort
  • CE tested and certified to prEN 13634:2017 standards