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Axxis Wolf DS Hydra Matt Grey Helmet

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Experience All Terrain Performance with the Axxis Wolf DS. The Wolf DS is a comprehensive touring helmet suitable for various terrains, perfect for adventure sports enthusiasts seeking excitement and thrill.


Product Description


Aerodynamically designed helmet with a Polycarbonate shell. The helmet utilizes a polymer that becomes pliable with temperature, offering excellent durability and resistance to deformation even in extremely high and low temperatures. The helmet is lightweight, weighing only 1550g (+/-) for S/M and 1650g (+/-) for L/XL sizes. Multiple shell sizes are available to ensure a perfect fit for different head sizes, and the lining is designed to accommodate glasses, providing comfort along the temple area. It is designed with a specialized space for an intercom set in the interior. 


    • ISI 2015
    • ECE R-22.05 (EU)
    • DOT (US)


    The lining is made of hypoallergenic materials, making it suitable for everyone. The padding is removable, allowing for easy cleaning to keep it fresh and hygienic. The diaphragm in the lower part of the helmet provides a snug fit to the neck, preventing unwanted air from entering. The deflector helps in redirecting breath away from the visor, preventing fogging when the visor is open and making breathing easier.


    The helmet features fully adjustable inlet and outlet ports, working in tandem with the rear spoiler to create a steady and light airflow for enhanced comfort. It has six air intakes and six exhaust vents, optimized for wind tunnel performance to maximize airflow and negative air pressure exhaust suction. The design takes into consideration varying speeds, weather conditions, and physical exertion levels for dual-sport riding.


    • Small & Medium: 1550 grams (+/-)  
    • Large & Extra-Large: 1650 grams (+/-)


    The visor is made of scratch-resistant optical polycarbonate with optimal closing and height-adjustable features, secured with aluminum screws. It is designed to strike a balance between aerodynamics and functionality, providing sunshade and roost protection during off-road riding. It is coated with an anti-UV layer to protect against harmful sun rays. The fold-down sun visor can be easily lowered and hidden using a lever on the side of the helmet, offering additional eye protection from the sun.