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MT Blade2 Frequency Gloss Fluorescent Yellow Helmet

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Product Description


  • High Impact Resistant Polymer (HIRP)
  • HIRP is an improved formulation of polymers injected in very precise blocks, improving impact resistance at a lower weight.
  • Inner shell with high-impact absorption, the helmet surrounds your head with materials designed to absorb and cushion the force of impact from an accident.
  • First-in-class dual-density EPS for better impact absorption.
  • Sleek and aerodynamic shell with a premium design and integrated split-wing spoilers.
  • Specially designed ventilation system to maximize airflow and always keep the rider fatigue-free.


    • ISI 2015
    • ECE R-22.05 (EU)
    • DOT (US)
    • SHARP 4-star rated.
    • Micrometric buckle closure system
    • Retention system designed to create greater riding comfort ideal for road and urban helmets.


    • 1450(+/-50) grams


    • Max vision pinlock-ready visor and additionally available anti-fog inserts that provide clear vision during the rain or foggy weather.
    • Comes with Internal Sun Visor
    • Equipped with MT’s QRS,(quick-release system ) it facilitates the easy removal and attachment of the visor.
    • Optical polycarbonate anti-scratch visor the flexibility and strength of polycarbonate ensure optimum safety and the optical factor allows higher levels of light transmission. The anti-fog treatment ensures clean and safe vision. All our visors are 2.2 mm thick.
    • Visor models have an innovative locking system. Once the visor is closed, the lock ensures an optimal seal against wind and water at every closure. Pressing the lock button will release the visor to its first opening position automatically.



    • Air inputs to obtain effective ventilation. MT Helmets uses high-tech air-permeable linings on its high-range helmets.
    • Air outputs to obtain optimum ventilation with air extraction at the rear of the helmet The extractor allows for airflow through the helmet to evacuate any heat from inside.
    • Quick vents activation gives easy handling with and without gloves. The user doesn’t need to look for a small lever on the helmet to operate the air control and can focus his attention on driving, which allows higher security.
    • Made of hypo-allergenic and wicking fabric that absorbs and dissipates the sweat from the skin to keep the rider comfortable.
    • Laser-cut fabric for the ultimate fit.
    • Removable and washable liners that allow you to keep your helmet clean and fresh.
    • Speaker pockets that facilitate a third-party Bluetooth system.