MT Thunder4 Ergo Gloss Red Helmet

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For the first time in India, MT helmets brings the Thunder 4 series with ECE 22.06 certification - the highest safety homologation, taking safety to the next level. 

Product Description


  • The shell is manufactured from a polymer combination called HIRP (High Impact Resistant Polymer) for excellent impact response.

  • THREE-POINT PROTECTOR SYSTEM - The base of this helmet has a three-point support system that has been developed to provide good stability when the Thunder 4 SV is placed on flat surfaces. This makes it easier to handle the helmet for cleaning or maintenance, but also allows the elements inside the helmet to be insulated from the surface, protecting them from chafing and, above all, enhancing hygiene when using the helmet. 

  • MT-AFCS- Airflow Channel System - Through fluid dynamics analysis, air channels have been designed to minimize air resistance and boost internal ventilation flow, reducing temperature and moisture within the new Thunder4 SV helmet. 

  • MT-RADD - Reduced Aero Drag Design - An aerodynamic design studied by the MT Helmets engineering team to reduce aerodynamic resistance as much as possible.


  • ISI 2015
  • ECE R-22.06 (EU)
  • DOT (US)
  • MT-MDTC - Micrometric Double Toothed Closure - Redesigned micrometric retention system to keep the helmet always fastened and secured. The MT Helmets engineering department has developed this system to ensure that the fastener is locked by at least two points, ensuring that the system is secured. This locking system, optimal for sport-touring models, offers the best balance between wearing comfort and safety. 


  • 1650 (+/-50) grams


  • MT-QVSS - Quick Visor Swap System - A system designed in-house by the MT Helmets Engineering team. The first helmet to feature this technology. This system, which has been patented by MT Helmets, allows the rider to attach/detach the visor really quickly and comfortably without having to take the helmet off.

  • MT-EVA - Extended Vision Area - The extended vision area allows riders to have better visibility of their surroundings, increasing ride comfort and improving the riding experience and safety on the bike

  • MT-ESP - Extended Sun Visor Protection - MT Helmets engineering team has developed a retractable sun visor system offering extended protection, preventing distortion due to changes in light conditions. It comes with a mechanism that can be quickly and comfortably used with one hand. It is also detachable for easy cleaning and maintenance. 

  • Pinlock 100% Max Vision - The Thunder4SV features space for a pinlock 100% MAX vision, a system developed by the pinlock company that prevents visor misting. 


  • Detachable Inner Padding.

  • The interior pads have been developed specifically for each helmet size to fit all head sizes in an optimal way.

  • Materials used in the manufacturing of these elements combine different fabrics that favour ventilation, exhaust moisture, and dry quickly.

  • Removable and washable liners that allow you to keep your helmet clean and fresh.

  • Emergency Release System - Quick release system for side pads for removing the helmet in case of an accident. This system prevents possible damage during a helmet removal maneuver.

  • MT-UIC - Universal Intercom Cage - This helmet has been developed taking into account the needs arising from the incorporation of an intercom system and has specific spaces to fit an intercom communication system.



MT Helmets has reinterpreted its design taking into account the principles of environmental awareness. To reduce the impact on the environment, MT has designed to increase the lifetime of the helmet with detachable elements which can be easily replaced if necessary.