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For touring bikers, motorsport enthusiasts and every other motorcycle user.


ICEPACK is an 'In-Case-of-Emergency' ScanPatch system designed for use by Touring bikers, Motorsport enthusiasts, Cyclists and every bike rider and pillion.

We wish every motorcycle rider to RIDE LOUD AND RIDE PROUD, but mishaps can occur at any time. In most cases the victims of accidents are not identified, blood types, allergies and previous medical conditions are not known, nor family contacts available, present location not known, etc. At this most crucial stage when time is of the essence, access to information by the care-giving personnel at the site is critical.

Upon scanning, the ScanPatch will display the Users photo, name, address, blood type and medical history. It will also display a 'TEL' tab to call an emergency number; a 'Send location' tab which will send the present google location to the pre-registered email addresses; as well as an SMS tab to send an emergency message to the emergency number if needed.


Users can register their name, address, blood type, medical history, emergency telephone and 3 email addresses. Of course privacy is of primary importance to us all, so sharing any or all of the information is solely at the discretion of the User. With the exception of the User's name, photo and basic information, all the other data can be controlled and set for viewing and access only when required. A password enabled Login tab allows users to directly access their account from the phone, wherever in the world they may be, to make changes to their setup as needed.


Of course this system doesn't have to be used only in times of emergency. It can also be used to send your present location to family members to tell them you're safe or to let them know where you are. It can also be used to access copies of your important documents whenever needed. The ICEPACK account allows the user to store and access documents like driving licence, insurance copies, vehicle document copies and Aadhaar card that can be viewed as and when required.


ICEPACK may just help save your life,
make it an essential part of your safety gear today!


  • A prominent 6.0cm X 9.0cm, Embroidered Fabric, waterproof ScanPatch with a clear design indicating that the Patch can be scanned in case of emergencies.
  • Member Card with QR code for registration.
  • One year membership.
    *Subsequently an annual nominal service fee of Rs. 300/- will be charged. This service fee is subject to change.

ScanPatches can be used by just about anybody with access to the internet.
Please follow the below steps:



The NFC scan option of your smartphone has to be ON. If your phone doesn't have NFC option please download SmartplateNFC from the app store. Latest model smartphones can read NFC automatically.


Touch your smartphone to the centre of the ScanPatch. (Depending upon the phone model, your smartphone sensor may be at the Top or middle of your phone)


Details of what you want to share will be displayed.


On scanning, your geo-location will be automatically sent to the emails you've registered. This can be set to manual mode.