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For your Precious Pets.




Pets are as much a part of the family as any other member and a missing pet is truly heart-breaking. Pets wander off and get lost very often. Finders have no way of knowing whose pet it is or how to contact the family of the pet. PetID is a unique way of ensuring that should your pet ever wander off and gets lost, any person who locates them can scan the PetID and identify the pet and immediately contact a pre-registered family member.

Pet owners can register their pet's name, address, registration number, emergency telephone and contact email address. The favourite pic of your pet too can be uploaded. In case your pet goes missing you can trigger its SOS mode wherein your contact details will be visible and an email giving the geo-location of the PetID will be sent automatically to you when PetID is scanned.


The PetID account also allows the owner to store and access documents like your pets medical records etc that can be viewed as and when required. Of course privacy is of primary importance to us all, so sharing any or all of the information can be activated and shared solely at the discretion of the User. With the exception of the Pet's name and photo all the other information can be controlled for access only in the event of your pet getting lost or as and when required.



PetID can be affixed to the collar or harness of your pet and being waterproof theres no fear of it getting damaged in wet conditions. No batteries are needed so your pet can use the PetID for a long time.


PetID may just be what brings your missing pet home.

Give your pet the gift of a personal ID today!


  • A prominent 5.0cm X 7.0cm, Embroidered Fabric, waterproof ScanPatch with a clear design indicating that the Patch can be scanned in case your pet is lost.
  • Member Card with QR code for registration.
  • One year membership.
    *Subsequently annual nominal service fee of Rs. 300/- will be charged. This service fee is subject to change.
  • Available in BLUE and PINK colour.

ScanPatches can be used by just about anybody with access to the internet.
Please follow the below steps:



The NFC scan option of your smartphone has to be ON. If your phone doesn't have NFC option please download SmartplateNFC from the app store. Latest model smartphones can read NFC automatically.


Touch your smartphone to the centre of the ScanPatch. (Depending upon the phone model, your smartphone sensor may be at the Top or middle of your phone)


Details of what you want to share will be displayed.


On scanning, your geo-location will be automatically sent to the emails you've registered. This can be set to manual mode.