Schuberth R2 Dyno Red (450944)

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R2 is a full face helmet from Schuberth that meets all the safety requirements you may need in a helmet… and much more!

The shell is aerodynamic and made of fibreglass which makes it durable, safe and at the same time able to hold weight effectively. Equipped with an anti-fog lens and a Class 1 visor to ensure optimal visibility in all weather. Some of the parts on the helmet are reflective so you are visible to other riders even when it gets dark.
The interior is an anti-bacterial, seamless 3D comfort liner that makes the helmet very comfortable to wear.
The helmet has all you need to feel safe on the road with more advanced features than the R2 Basic, such as pre-installed speakers and a microphone designed for Schuberth’s communication system (SC1) as well as better ventilation to keep your head cool and comfortable.

- Great ventilation.
- Anti-fog visor.
- Fibreglass shell.
- Removable and washable interior.

Weight: 1450 g (+/- 50g)
Complies with ECE 22.05 standard.

About The Brand

For Decades, German company Schuberth has been specializing and producing secure and functional motorcycle helmets. If you buy a helmet from Schuberth, you can trust that it is a product of very high quality and absolute comfort.