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SP Connect C/C+ Moto Mount Pro (53138+)

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The ultimate all-rounder for mounting your mobile phone on the motorbike handlebar. Interchangeable heads for SPC/SPC+.

The SP ConnectTM Moto Mount Pro is an intuitive and ultra-robust smartphone mounting solution for your handlebars. The Moto Mount Pro can be mounted on standard or oversize handlebars with diameters of 2.22 / 2.54 / 2.86 / 3.17 cm or 0.875 /  1.0 / 1.125 / 1.25 inches and is flexibly adjustable through 360°. This ensures that your mobile phone is optimally positioned in your field of vision.

The landscape or portrait format is up to you. You can use your smartphone for navigation when riding your motorbike. Keep an eye on the route at all times. Maximum safety and simply practical.


Note: If you are using a smartphone with a mechanical image stabilizer, we recommend using SP Connect's additional vibration-dampening module, the Anti Vibration Module to best prevent possible damage to your phone's camera caused by vibrations from motorcycle engines. If you continue to have problems and are not sure, please stop using the product in combination with this smartphone and contact the manufacturer of your smartphone.

  • CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminium
  • Mobile phone can be fixed in portrait or landscape format
  • Super-stable 360° adjustment in 6° steps
  • Interchangeable heads for SPC+ and SPC compatibility

Secure Mounting


Made for Motorbikes


Individually Adjustable


Strong & Durable


CNC Machined Aluminium


High-Grade Materials




34(W) x 100(H) x 63(D) mm
Dimensions details

What's included:

1 × Moto Mount Pro
1 × Head SPC+
3 × plastic spacing insert
1 × direct adapter


Manual Moto Mount Pro
SPC/SPC+ mounting heads

SP ConnectTM Quick & Secure Smartphone Mounting

Securely locked. In just 1 second.

Securely locked. In just 1 second.

The SP Connect patented Twist-to-Lock mechanism remains bombproof. Simply dock the phone case onto the mount, turn 90° clockwise, and you're done. Off to the adventure!


Ultra-strong. In every respect.

Ultra-strong. In every respect.

Carefully selected materials and the highest precision in manufacturing guarantee excellent stability in every situation. Strong, stronger, SP CONNECT.

It's all a matter of adjustment.

It's all a matter of adjustment.

The right viewing angle, the optimal tilt. Find the perfect alignment of your mount after just a short time thanks to a wide range of adjustment options.



Interchangeable mounting heads.

Interchangeable mounting heads.

Interchangeable heads make all mounts compatible with existing SPC and new SPC+ Phone Cases. The heads can be changed quickly and easily.



Get ready for adventure.

Get ready for adventure.

Conquer the road with the peace of mind that your phone is securely mounted to your bike. Navi, tracking, listening to music: SP CONNECTTM makes the most of your rides.


Mounting in portrait and landscape format.

Mounting in portrait and landscape format.

Keep all your options open. Position your phone in either portrait or landscape. You can change the orientation of the mount at any time.


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