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SP Connect Cable 12V DC SPC+ (52809)

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  • Cable for Charging Module / Charging Anti Vibration Module
  • Direct wiring to the motorcycle battery
  • Integrated voltage converter
  • Weatherproof

Empty battery was yesterday. With the Cable 12V DC, your inductive charger on the motorcycle can be supplied with power directly from the battery. So that your mobile phone has enough power for navigating, tracking and listening to music even on longer trips.

Simply wire the free ends of the cable to the motorcycle battery and connect the USB-C connector to the charging module or charging anti-vibration module. The cable has a length of 150 cm, is equipped with an integrated voltage converter and is 100% weatherproof.

Note: Unplug the charger when not in use for a long time to avoid draining the battery.

What's included:

1 × USB-Type-C/free cable
Input: DC 12-15V / max 2A
Output: DC 12V / 2A (USB 3.1 Type-C)