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SP Connect Ring Mount C+

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With this cell phone finger holder, your device is more secure in your hand. The Ring Mount SPC+ can also be used as a stand or for hanging your cell phone.

Have a handle on everything? Definitely with the ring mount. This practical cell phone finger holder can be attached to your SPC+ phone case in just a second, giving you a more secure grip on your device. It can also be used as a stand or for hanging up your device (e.g. on the front seat in an airplane).

The mobile phone finger holder impresses with its extremely compact design, can be folded up and fits easily in any trouser pocket.

  • Quick and easy attachment
  • Lightweight and flat design
  • Also suitable as a stand or for hanging up


Diameter: 36mm
Dimensions details


Diameter: 36mm
Dimensions details

What's included:

1 × Ring Mount SPC+


Manual Ring Mount SPC+