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SP Connect Road Bike Bundle Universal Phone Clamp SPC+ (52200)

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The Moto Bundle Universal is a bundle that includes 1 Handlebar Mount SPC+, 1 Universal Phone Clamp SPC+, and interchangeable heads for SPC/SPC+.


Handlebar Mount

Mount your cell phone easily, safely and aerodynamically on the racing bike handlebar.

Low weight, aerodynamics and functionality - that's what matters on the road bike. With the SP ConnectTM Handlebar Mount, you can also rely on lightness, low air resistance and top handling when mounting your cell phone.

The Handlebar Mount allows you to aerodynamically attach your SP ConnectTMPhone Case aerodynamically to the handlebars of your road bike. Thanks to interchangeable brackets, you can also mount your SP ConnectTM light or your GoPro® on the bike. Perfect conditions for action-packed days in the saddle.


  • Stable handlebar mount for racing bikes
  • Simultaneous attachment of phone case & lights or action camera
  • Also compatible with GoPro
  • Outfront mount



Diameters: Standard ISO 1“ (25,4mm), Oversized MTB and Dropbar 1 1/4“ (31,8mm)


Manual - Handlebar Mount


Universal Phone Clamp SPC+

Maximum flexibility without compromising? Yes, that's possible. The SP ConnectTM Universal Phone Clamp fits just about any phone and remains bombproof.

The Universal Phone Clamp is compatible with all SPC+ mounting heads and you can mount your phone on the motorcycle, bike, in the car and during many other activities. No matter what you're up to: Your next adventure can start.

Fastening this holder to your phone model is very easy and lightning fast. Simply pull out the crown, tighten the screw and fix the crown by pressing it in. Done.

The Universal Phone Clamp is adjustable without the use of tools and is suitable for phones with a width between 58-85 mm. Perfect even if you use multiple phones.

  • Suitable for smartphones with max. thickness of 12 mm
  • Simple and bombproof locking system
  • Compatible with all SPC+ heads



86(W) x 25(H) x 56(D) mm


Note: Wireless charging is not guaranteed when using this product.


Securely locked. In just 1 second.

SP Connects patented Twist-to-Lock mechanism remains bombproof. Simply dock the phone case onto the mount, turn 90° clockwise, and you're done. Off to the adventure! Securely locked. In just 1 second.

Ultra-strong. In every respect.

Carefully selected materials and the highest precision in manufacturing guarantee excellent stability in every situation. Strong, stronger, SP CONNECTTM. Ultra-strong. In every respect.

It's all a matter of adjustment.

The right viewing angle, the optimal tilt. Find the perfect alignment of your mount after just a short time thanks to a wide range of adjustment options. It's all a matter of adjustment.

Interchangeable mounting heads.

Interchangeable heads make all mounts compatible with existing SPC and new SPC+ Phone Cases. The heads can be changed quickly and easily. Interchangeable mounting heads.

Get ready for adventure.

Conquer the road with the peace of mind that your phone is securely mounted to your bike. Navi, tracking, listening to music: SP CONNECTTM makes the most of your rides. Get ready for adventure.

Mounting in portrait and landscape format.

Keep all your options open. Position your phone in either portrait or landscape. You can change the orientation of the mount at any time.

Mounting in portrait and landscape format.

SPC or SPC Plus: Which system do I need?

SPC is used by millions of people worldwide and enables fast and secure smartphone mounting thanks to its 90° rotation mechanism. The new SPC Plus system offers you magnetic mounting options in addition to the proven mechanical mounting. Both systems support wireless charging, but only SPC Plus is MagSafe® compatible. With SPC Plus, you can also enjoy the MagSafe®benefits with Samsung, Google and Huawei models.

Which mount is right for you?

Our mounts are specially designed for the different needs of motorcyclists. The Moto Mount Pro and the affordable Moto Mount LT provide excellent positioning on most motorbikes. On handlebars and cockpits that are difficult to access, we recommend the Bar Clamp Mount Pro or the Clutch Mount Pro. For supersports bikes with stub handlebars, the Moto Stem Mount is your right choice. If you have a maxi scooter, you can simply attach the Brake Mount to the brake fluid reservoir. For mopeds or for mounting on the motorbike mirror, you can choose between the Mirror Mount Pro and the inexpensive Mirror Mount.

Tip: Protect your phone from rain, sweat and mud with a weather protection cover. For even more safety, we recommend using the anti-vibration module to reduce vibrations from the motor. With a charging module, your mobile phone battery will last even on long rides. Have fun with your personal setup!

Please Note: Strong screen protectors or gloves may limit the usability of your touch screen in combination with the Weather Cover. The Weather Cover restricts the home button functionality of iPhone SE (2020), 8, 8 Plus, 7 & 7 Plus. This can be bypassed by activating the software home button (Assistive Touch) feature.