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SP Connect Universal Phone Case L C+

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SPC+ Universal Phone Case Large.

Maximum protection for almost any smartphone model with the SPC+ Universal Phone Case in size L.

Functional, shockproof and extremely flexible: The SP ConnectTM Universal Phone Case with its gentle fleece insert offers maximum protection for almost every smartphone model. Your phone can also be mounted on all SPC+ mounting heads.

Whether on the bike, motorcycle, in the car, while running, golfing or other activities: Use your smartphone with the versatile Universal Phone Case and protect it effectively from scratches, dirt and rain.

Slide the smartphone into the case, roll down the opening and fix it with the Velcro surface. The scratch-free fleece insert and the adhesive EVA frame make it possible to find the perfect position for the phone.

The touchscreen of your phone remains operational as usual with the Universal Phone Case. Thus, your smartphone remains protected from rain, sweat, mud and dust always.


Note: Wireless charging is not guaranteed when using this product..

  • Fits all mobile phone models up to approx. 165 x 80 mm
  • Secure mounting on all SPC+ holder heads
  • Protection against rain, sweat, mud and dust
  • Good touchscreen operability


A world of possibilities.

A world of possibilities. Whether it's a bicycle, motorcycle, car, fitness, office or everyday life: SP ConnectTM is the ultimate mounting standard for an active life. One system, endless possibilities.

Securely locked. In just 1 second.

Securely locked. In just 1 second. SP Connects patented Twist-to-Lock mechanism remains bombproof. Simply dock the phone case onto the mount, turn 90° clockwise, and you're done. Off to the adventure!

One solution for all.

One solution for all. With the SP Connect universal products, you can mount any phone model and other gadgets on all SP ConnectTM mounts. Versatile, strong and maximally secure.


1 × Universal Phone Case SPC+ (L)
1 × Adapter SPC+
1 × Tool SPC+


Manual Universal Phone Case SPC+