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SP Connect Universal Phone Clamp Max C+

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Simple and secure mobile phone mounting on all SPC+ mounting heads. Suitable for oversized smartphone models and rugged cases.

The SP ConnectTM Universal Phone Clamp Max SPC+ fits almost any mobile phone and holds it securely.

You can use it to attach your phone to the motorcycle, bicycle, in the car and for many other activities. No matter what you have in mind: you are ready for your next adventure.

Attaching this holder to your mobile phone model is very easy and quick. Simply pull out the crown, screw it tight and fix the crown by pushing it back in. Finished.

The Universal Phone Clamp Max SPC+ is toolless adjustable and is suitable for mobile phones with a width between 65 - 89.5 mm (2.56 – 3.52 inches). Also a perfect solution if you use several mobile phones.

Note: Wireless charging is not guaranteed when using this product.

Quick and secure attachement on all SPC+ mounting heads by a simple 90° rotation - no magnetic adhesion!


  • Suitable for large smartphones or cases with a maximum thickness of 14.5 mm (0.57 inches).
  • Simple and bombproof locking system
  • Compatible with all SPC+ mount heads

1 × Universal Phone Clamp Max SPC+
1 × Adapter SPC+
1 × Tool SPC+


Manual Universal Phone Clamp Max SPC+