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SP Connect Weather Cover iPhone 15 Pro (55269)

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The Weather Cover effectively protects your cell phone from moisture, sweat, dust and dirt.

  • Protection against moisture and dirt
  • Additional shock resistance
  • Optimal operability of the touchscreen

Sudden weather change, dust or mud. If you are looking for adventure, you have to expect everything. Fortunately, with your SP ConnectTM Weather Cover, you are well prepared when the going gets tough.

The weather cover can be easily pulled over the phone case. Your touchscreen remains fully functional and you can use your apps as usual. Protect your phone from rain, sweat, dust and even mud. From now on, the weather can no longer put a spoke in your wheel.

Note: For optimal functionality of the touchscreen with the Weather Cover, we recommend that you do not use strong screen protectors or gloves. This weatherproof cover restricts the home button functionality of iPhone SE (2020), 8, 8 Plus, 7 & 7 plus one. This can be circumvented by activating the software Homebutton (Assistive Touch) function.

What's included:

1 × Weather Cover