Ustraa Helmet Spray 100ml (HelmetSpray100ml)

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Ustraa helmet spray keeps the helmet clean and fresh smelling, taking care of the post helmet bad smell. With its bacteriostatic ingredients this is a reccomended bike accessory that all bikers must have. Also if your helmet is clean, chances are your hair will be thanking you.

How to Use :

1. Hold helmet inside facing up.

2. Spray evenly not liberally from a distance of around 10 inches; Ensure the entire helmet is covered. Wait for 5 mins.

  • Deep Cleanses the Helmet from within, keeps it free from odor and mildew.
  • Anti Fungal. Fights Germs.
  • Keeps helmet lining fresh. Leaves a Fresh and Clean Smell.
  • Quick Drying formula.
  • Gas based pressurized spray breaks dust molecules easily.
  • Does not leave stains; Easily wipe-able; Convenient carry size.
  • Based on Farsenol Extracted from the Babool (Accacia)
  • Other Natural Carbon Biproducts effective in cleaning and patent fragrance.